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Frequently Asked Questions

1: How can I be sure that I am buying from a reputable company?

21st Century Music Awards have  been selling Gold and Platinum discs to the trade and music fans for over 10 years and have had hundreds of positive feedbacks from satisfied customers

2: Is it possible to have a clearer picture?

The pictures are taken individually and unfortunatley because of the reflection of the glass, some pictures may seem distorted or marked. 

3: Is this item the same item that is presented to artists by the BPI and the Record Industry?

These Gold and Platinum discs have been made by 21st Century Music Awards for fans and artists who require a momento of the record to display on the wall.  Most of the awards we sell have not been released with original vinyl, so therefore the original CD is backed onto a coated  12" vinyl  record that does not match. They are not an award presented to the artist by the BPI or the RIAA for gold or platinum sales

4: Do you have a highstreet shop?

We closed our highstreet music shops over 10 years ago, and therefore are now completely internet based. We have no facility for customers to visit. 

5: How are the discs coated?

Unlike many of our competitors, our discs are are not sprayed, but are vaccum coated the same as those awarded by the music industry. The Gold Discs are genuine 24 carat gold coated.

6: Can I have my own disc coated and framed?

If you supply the item, we can coat and frame it in the same format as you see on our website. Please contact us with your requirments. We do not offer a general framing service.

7: Is it framed with normal glass or styrene (plexi-glass)?

All items are now sent out in styrene which is unbreakable.

8: Will I recieve a discount if I buy more than 1 item?

You will be awarded loyalty points for each item you buy. You will get special discounts on future orders when you reach 200 or more loyalty points. For each pound you spend, you will be awarded 1 loyalty point.